June 30, 2019


Man erasing the word 'criminal' from his past record

Clean Up Your Criminal Record

Criminal convictions can haunt a person for the rest of their life. Convictions are not only socially stigmatizing, they also create legal impediments to having a successful future. Felony convictions in Michigan disenfranchise persons by taking away their right to vote. In addition, felony convictions prevent persons from possessing firearms, regardless of what the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution says. 

Michigan law used to be quite simple in this area. It was possible to expunge, (or removed from a criminal history) exactly one conviction. Even then, expungement was only possible after a five year waiting period. new changes to Michigan law now make it possible to expunge multiple convictions, whether they are felony or misdemeanor in nature. The difficulty comes in sorting out which convictions are precluded by statute from expungement. A great lawyer can help navigate the new expungement statute and prepare for even multiple expungements in different court houses. That lawyer can then go on to present you in the most favorable light to the judge who ultimately decides if expungement is deserved. Call me to discuss your expungement options and get back on the road to having a bright and successful future!