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Professional DUI Stop Help in Oakland County, MI

Being involved in a DUI stop in Oakland County, MI can be quite intimidating. As the DUI stop experts, José Fanego knows that it can be scary to be pulled over at any time. If you have been involved in a DUI stop, it is in your best interest to contact me as soon as you can. Michigan law enforcement takes DUI stops very seriously. With his help on your side, José can help you navigate the situation and evaluate the charges that have been given to you.
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What Is a DUI Stop?

A DUI stop is any traffic stop that leads the police officer to have a suspicion that the person driving is intoxicated or operating a vehicle while over the legal blood alcohol content limit. A DUI stop can start as something as simple as an unrelated traffic stop initiated by a broken taillight or speeding. A DUI stop can also be caused by erratic driving that leads the officer to have suspicions.

What Happens During a DUI Stop?

During a DUI stop, the law enforcement officer that has pulled you over will evaluate your behavior, speech, appearance, and physical movements while looking for signs of intoxication. The police officer may administer field sobriety tests or other roadside tests to determine whether or not you are inebriated and to establish probable cause for arrest.

Suppressing Evidence From a Charge

DUI checkpoints are illegal in Michigan. If you have received a DUI charge from an illegal stop, our team of experts may be able to file a motion to suppress the evidence gathered during the stop. Police officers have a lot of procedures and rules that they have to file in order for a DUI stop to be legal and lawful. When the stop is not lawful, the evidence cannot stand against you. Without the evidence, the prosecutor may not be able to establish a case beyond a reasonable doubt. We will help you find the best route for fighting your charges.
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Our Expert DUI Stop Lawyer

In Oakland County, MI, DUI stops are very serious situations that you should begin to fight immediately. When you seek our expert counsel, we will fight for you to the best of our abilities. There are a lot of things that can happen during a DUI stop that can allow us to get your charges thrown out or reduced. We will go to battle for you when you need it the most. Contact our team today to get started.

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