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oakland county criminal defense attorney

DUI Attorney in Oakland County, MI

Trouble with the law is not only overwhelming but life-altering. Secure trusted guidance to navigate and easily resolve criminal cases with Jose R. Fanego, a leading defense attorney in Oakland County, MI. Partnering with an attorney can significantly lower or even dismiss your charges, allowing you to retain your freedom. Whether you need a traffic violation lawyer, domestic violence attorney, or DUI attorney, Jose Fanego is here to help.
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Secure Personalized Legal Representation

With over 28 years of criminal defense case experience, Jose Fanego is confident he can take on your case. From traffic violations to assault charges, his goal is to help you. You need someone on your side who knows what he's doing to strategize and devise the best defense possible. Choose Jose Fanego for personalized legal representation.

Defense Against DUI/OWI Charges

Between the intricacies of DUI/OWI charges and the toll they take on your life, it’s crucial to work with a skilled DUI attorney. A DUI attorney will leverage their expertise to mitigate devastating consequences and uphold your freedom. With a proven track record of strategic defense against DUI/OWI charges, choose Jose Fanego for quality legal representation.

Skilled Representation for Traffic Violations

Traffic violations have long-standing consequences that compromise your driving record, insurance premiums, and license. Whether you’re looking to contest an unmerited traffic violation, restore your license, or fight a license suspension, securing legal backing with traffic violation lawyers is imperative. That’s why individuals in Oakland County choose Jose Fanego as their reliable traffic violation lawyer.

Specialized Counsel for White Collar Crimes

White collar crime cases call for a strategic and sophisticated defense. If you’re being accused of fraud, embezzlement, or financial crime charges, protect your reputation, rights, and best interests with Jose Fanego. As a skilled defense attorney, he will thoroughly investigate your case to create a compelling defense to fight these allegations.

Strategic Defense for Assault & Battery Charges

If you're facing assault and battery charges, securing a renowned defense attorney to take on your case is crucial. Jose Fanego is committed to providing strategic, hands-on legal representation for those accused of a violent offense. Trust in him to protect your rights and to work tirelessly to achieve a just resolution.

Compassionate Support for Domestic Violence Cases

Jose Fanego is your ally in the most challenging times. Leading with compassionate support and unrivaled legal understanding, choose a domestic violence attorney who values your reputation, rights, and freedom. With a sensitive and discreet approach, allow him to craft a robust defense to safeguard your future while mitigating damaging legal consequences.

Comprehensive Defense Strategies for Drug-Related Offenses

Drug-related charges boast long-standing implications, from imprisonment to irreversible damage to your reputation. With an unparalleled understanding of drug laws, search and seizure protocols, and forensic evidence, Jose Fanego is here to take on your case. Choose an attorney known to challenge evidence with defense strategies uniquely tailored to your case.

Our Process

Jose Fanego prioritizes transparency and communication. From our initial consultation to the trial, he keeps you informed every step of the way. We begin by assessing your case and gathering the right information and details to build a vigorous defense strategy. With a commitment to empowering clients, look to Jose Fanego for a client-centric approach and aggressive legal representation.

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With 30 years of law practice, Jose Fanego understands the intricacies of the criminal court system. He takes on only a small number of clients for maximum focus on each case. Leading with discretion, he protects his clients’ reputations and help them achieve a favorable resolution so they can carry on with the next chapter of their lives.
oakland county criminal defense attorney

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If you’re being accused of a crime, time is of the essence. Act now to secure unparalleled legal counsel with Jose R. Fanego. Whether you need a DUI accident attorney, a traffic violation lawyer, or a domestic violence defense attorney, we have you covered. Contact us today for detailed legal guidance.

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