June 3, 2024

The Risk of Hiring a Low-Cost DUI Attorney

Are you seeking a low-cost DUI defense attorney to help you with your case? You’ll want to reconsider this.

When hiring an attorney, the age-old adage that says ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly holds some truth. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you should go broke getting quality representation either.

So rather than insisting on the cheapest or most expensive lawyer available, take the time to research attorneys and insist upon only highly experienced lawyers who specialize in DUI defense.

What You Truly Get with a Low-Cost Attorney

If you’ve recently typed in ‘DUI defense attorney near me’ on a search, you may have been overwhelmed by the long list of lawyers who claim they want to help you. Some of these professionals are completely legitimate.

But others will be more interested in throwing themselves on the mercy of the court by plea bargaining your case. They will then count your case as a win to inaccurately beef up their statistics.

To be clear, plea bargaining is not the same as winning a case through dismissal. Yet attorneys who charge low fees for DUI representation see them as one and the same. Thus, they typically view plea bargaining as their primary option. Going this route allows them to reduce the hours they dedicate to each case. This, in turn, enables them to take on more clients; none of whom they plan to actually defend.

This sort of “budget representation” is essentially a precursor to throwing yourself on the mercy of the court. And it doesn’t serve you. 

Why You Want a DUI Attorney Specifically

No two DUI cases are the same. The details of your case will depend on the arresting officer and his or her level of expertise in doing a DUI investigation, writing reports, testifying, and credibility. Any number of situations can impact your case. Probable cause could be weak. Paperwork might get lost. The officer may not show up for court. There are numerous circumstances that can lead to a dismissal or acquittal.

Even so, you’re likely to face the least harsh penalties when you work with a DUI attorney who has the inside track. He or she interacts with and has familiarity with the judges, bailiffs, and clerks and knows what to expect from them. An outsider attorney is not going to offer you that advantage.

A good and morally upstanding DUI defense attorney will also give you an honest assessment of your chances at trial and be upfront about the possibility (or lack thereof) of getting out of the charges. So if any attorney you’re considering guarantees an acquittal, cross them off the list immediately. Nobody can stand by that promise 100%.

Possible Penalties You’ll Face

There are many factors at play that will determine the specific consequences you’ll experience. These include but are not limited to, how high your blood alcohol level was during the arrest, as well as any prior convictions for a DUI.

You may be faced with either temporary suspension or permanent revocation of your driver’s license. There may be restrictions placed on when and where you can drive. You might be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle. In more severe cases, treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, probation, or jail time may be assigned.

Yes, any one of these penalties can be life-changing. And even if it’s just your first (and hopefully ONLY) offense, you won’t necessarily be let off the hook. These penalties do grow progressively more serious with second and third offenses though. So to keep them at a minimum, you must have the best attorney for DUI on your side.

Don’t Be Fooled by Gimmicks

A DUI is serious criminal offense. So don’t settle for a bargain DUI attorney.

To get the most comprehensive assistance in determining how to best respond to and manage criminal charges, you need to work with lawyers who are skilled and experienced in this area.  

Contact us today. We’re here to help you get your life back on track after a DUI. We offer free consultation and are available 24 hours to serve you. Contact me today or call (248) 645-1400.